A few tips on using your smartphone


In today’s modern and connected world, almost every person has a smartphone. Some are on the cheaper side while others are premium models like the iPhone 7 or 7 plus. Many people pay a small fortune to purchase one of these units which can be half a month’s wages in most cases. Here are a few tips on how to keep your phone safe and make the best of it.

Use a coverhyjykgfl

The design and build of the new generation of smartphones have come a long way in the last decade. They use premium materials like aluminum and gorilla glass for protection. However, that does not mean they are indestructible or are scratch proof. You will find countless phone cases that you can use to keep your phone safe and looking new without any scratches. Many are designed for particular models and will not reduce the premium look of your unit.

Get it unlocked

Many networks today, sell smartphones on plans and the customer is required to sign a contract with them for a certain period of time. The catch is that these phones will be locked to the network that sells them. If you want to use that phone with another sim card of a different network, you will be in for a surprise. To overcome this issue, you will have to get an iPhone 7 factory unlock service to free your unit from this restriction. It will then be open to using any and all network sims that are compatible. Getting your iPhone unlocked will be a crucial move if you travel abroad frequently and would like to use your phone on a foreign network without having to rely on costly roaming fees.

Use a screen protector

jhc,vjhvMost modern smartphones have a large touchscreen that is used to navigate the menus and applications. They look amazing when you buy them, but after some time, you will notice tiny scratches on them. These little hairline marks are caused mostly by sand and keys which will be in your pocket or purse. You can now purchase tempered glass screen protectors that will keep your phones original screen safe. It will not matter if the protector gets scratched because all you have to do is replace it with a new one. They aren’t expensive and will help you keep your unit safe and looking new for years.


The above tips will help you keep your phone safe, looking great and allow you to use it fully until you decide to upgrade.