Simple Ways Of Attaining Health And Wellness


Nutrition comprises of what we ought to out and that which must be discarded. The best food for any organism is plant-based. Many will argue that a plant-based diet will not nourish the body with all the required nutrients but vegetarians today are a testimony that it is possible to subsist on plants only. All animal products bring about acidity in the system together with Low-Density Level cholesterol.


People involved in sedentary activities mostly exercise their brains whereas those in blue-collar jobs primarily exercise the muscles. Hardly will it be possible for the brains not to be exercised since just having deep thoughts is always enough exercise. For the muscles, no exercise will ever be better than walking fast for thirty minutes at least four times a week. In addition to the removal of toxins, you will be able to develop lean muscles.


Pure water should be used both internally as well as externally. The purpose is to cleanse the system as well as regulating the osmotic pressure and body temperatures. At least eight glasses of water should be drunk on a daily basis. Together with these, hot footbath has been used in the treatment of most illnesses thus proving the statement that water is medicine.


Sunshine is known to be the best source of vitamin D. In addition to strengthening one’s bones; vitamins are antioxidants that are given credit for reversing as well as preventing most degenerative diseases such as cancer and the likes.


Temperance is a virtue that is with only a small portion of the population. It means using the healthy substances in moderation whereas completely discarding the unhealthy products. How many will say that “For sure, I know that carbonated drinks such as Cola aren’t healthy for me but I can’t stop using them?” that’s intemperance.


Fresh air is vital for proper respiration to take place. Cancer cells only survive where anaerobic respiration takes place. It is, therefore, important for you to exercise in areas with fresh air so as to ensure all your body cells respire aerobically. When attending to a sick person, it’s to take them to sanitariums that are located in areas with many trees for fresh air.


Work without sufficient rest is one of the greatest forms of intemperance being suffered by man. Eight hours of sleep,¬†most preferably starting at least two hours before midnight is recommended. Also, a thirty-minute nap in the afternoon is therapeutic. Also, ensure that you take a day’s rest every week.