ESTA requirement for Italian citizens to the USA

Traveling to the USA if you are an Italian citizen is now easy. Today, you don’t necessarily need a visa. In 2009, the ESTA was introduced in some countries, and fortunately, Italy is one of them. When traveling to the USA as an Italian citizen, you now don’t need to go through the long process of visa application. The electronic system for travel authorization is done online, and it is acceptable in the USA. Look at the ESTA america details on Application-esta.us to find out more. You now don’t need to spend a lot of time and money going through the tiresome process of visa application.

Who is eligible for ESTA?

Italian citizen

Fortunately, Italy is one of the countries that has been approved by the USA for ESTA eligibility. Before applying for ESTA, you must show proof that you are a citizen of Italy. The visa waiver program is very specific, and citizens of other countries will not be allowed to apply for the program. To prove that you are an Italian citizen, of course, you must show identity prior application. After showing proof of citizenship, you can now proceed to the next part of the application process. Any applications from applicants who are not members of the visa waiver countries will be denied.


Valid machine readable passport

An e-passport is important when making an ESTA application in Italy. The ESTA application is an electronic form of application, and this means that it cannot be done without a machine readable passport. The only way to prove that you have made your ESTA application is through the e-passport which you will present. If you don’t have a machine readable passport, then you should make a point of getting one.


Validity of 90 days

The ESTA is recommended for people going to the USA for business or tourism purposes. The reason for this is very simple. An ESTA application is valid for 90 days or less. This means that people who are visiting the USA for work purposes will be required to obtain a different legal document. However, the 90 days validity should not be quite a restriction. The 90 day period can always be extended upon request, and it will be renewed.